TimVG Research is the website of UK-based research and writing freelancer Timothy van Gardingen, formerly a researcher and writer for the British Council in Beijing. I provide in depth analysis and writing services to the international education sector and to international organisations operating in East Asia.

I am an experienced researcher and editor with international experience working in China and Japan. My work is highly data-driven and you can count on me for accurate, up-to-date, in depth insights. I currently provide services in market research, editing and content creation in the fields of international education and business in East Asia.

Why work with me?

International understanding and outlook

When working in an international environment you need an internationally minded team. I worked in China and Japan, studied in the UK, China and Germany, and have carried out research on over 30 countries; working with me guarantees you get the nuanced multicultural insights you need.

Data-driven research

Strong research is quantifiable. Stronger research digs deeper than the numbers. My work uses solid data analysis as a foundation for understanding the bigger picture. Whether dealing with demographic, economic or financial data, my analytical skills are at your service.

Multilingual research

Sometimes the best sources are not available in English. As an avid polyglot, I can help you find the key information only available in German, Mandarin Chinese or Japanese. I can also help with materials in Dutch, Swedish and Cantonese.

Experience and education overview

Former researcher, editor and designer for the British Council in Beijing: I was responsible for a portfolio of country reports focussed on the international education industry. My work covered over 30 countries on 5 continents.

Former editor of EAST magazine: EAST was a student-led journal at the University of Leeds, covering current affairs in East- and Southeast Asia. Additionally to maintaining the quality the magazine, I also contributed content covering topics on China and Malaysia.

I graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA in German and Chinese and was awarded a distinction in Spoken Mandarin Chinese.

You can read about what services I offer here.