“Tim undertook research and analysis in support of Market Intelligence Briefs produced by the British Council. Tim’s attention to detail, writing ability, and confidence at data analysis and interpretation, made a huge contribution to our understanding of international student mobility trends and TNE (Transnational Education) developments”.

John McNamara, Strategy and Special Projects Lead at the British Council

“We’ve used Tim for a number of writing assignments and always found him thoughtful, rigorous and responsive.   He delivers to deadline, and writes in a succinct and compelling fashion”.

Ben Tucker, Partner at Minerva Search

"Tim came through in my time of need and provided assistance in completing client briefs focused on international student marketing and recruitment. Tim met a very short deadline and provided excellent, in-depth written analysis for a group of clients. I was so impressed with his analysis and work ethic demonstrated that I provided him additional clients to provide analysis for. "

Jerry Czub, AVP Client Success & Global Advisory, Grok Global